The Right Steps On Renovating A Wood House

Renovating an old wood house may sound a bit difficult for you, but it is actually easy and useful. In case you don’t have a special designer and you want to renovate your home by yourself the first thing you should do is research about maintaining the wood as a main material of your house. Start with the exterior of the house and the exposed beams.

wooden houseIf they are not changed for many years, you should examine their condition. The next step, if the beams are too old, consider sanding. Removing the old decayed wood is also recommendable.

The next step is to treat the wood against wood-boring insects. Usually the surface of the wood needs special attention, while inside, it remains very solid, so you don’t need to replace it with some new wooden surface.

Many people consider the woodworms as a threat to their wooden homes, but actually they cannot eat the core of the wood, which is the important part of the beam.

In case the old beams are made out of some softer wood like poplar, they are more vulnerable than the oak wood.

Many professionals advise that you should take a special care for the “weakest” parts of your beam – the place, where they are set into the wall at the ends. The humidity there can cause dampness to be absorbed into the wood, so you should test this part well.

The renovation, when it comes to interior is also a matter of the right materials. In case you are decorating your home right now, try to use only natural wood and stone, for this combination is praised as the most solid one.

wooden kitchen

The kitchen should be made out of wood and stone just as a typical farmhouse kitchen. The living room will look refreshed if you add some wooden furniture and remake the ceilings.

Don’t forget to create a fireplace with stones, for it will suit your wooden living room décor. When it comes to dining room, you can remodel it, if the space is large enough and if it’s leading to a terrace. You can create some stone-terraced entry.

Tube furnace is also another thing that brings stylish atmosphere inside a wooden home. In case you have the feeling your wood house is too country-styled, you can add some natural accents on the wall. Some branch leaves go perfect with wooden interior. You can also replace the old fabrics with some earth-colored ones, for they are matching the wood interior of your home.


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