Kitchen Island Makeover: An Impressive Kitchen Remodeling

Before remodeling people always try to figure out what factors may not work for their kitchen. They can realize this only if they have the kitchen for a few years.

After this time, they will be able to make the improvements they really need.

In many cases, women have to work in a narrow kitchen with the counters and appliances being on the sides of the kitchen that in fact is a passageway between two other rooms, such as the dining room and the living room. This space needs some serious remodeling.

Kitchen Island Makeover(photo credit:

Make it bright and airy

According to the people who have already done their remodeling, people need to wait for some time to figure out exactly what the room needs    and this way it will be possible for them to have exactly what they wanted. For instance, they could be thinking about counters in the color of cherry with white marble tops.

Light fixture

At some point, there is nothing more important than to have light. This has a double purpose: functional and decorative.

To make sure that the light fixtures you choose will be suitable for the kitchen opt for colors that reinforce the color scheme and choose a style that is right for the feel of the kitchen.


God is in details, right? This is also true in case of kitchen remodeling. It is the details that add true character to the kitchen. In some cases, there isn’t such a thing as too much. This is why you could have exaggerated details on the cabinets, and you can be sure that they will look great.


It isn’t such a good idea to have a monochromatic kitchen. Instead, make sure that you add some accents. In the majority of the cases, people opt for black or silver accents because they work great with any other color. Naturally you could also have some white accents to make the room look brighter.

Drinks and beverage

Having exposed drinks and beverages in the kitchen add a special feel to it. This is because it will look like a fun place that people like to spend time in and you can move a bit forward from the traditional idea of a kitchen. Another good idea may be to have a camouflaged refrigerator too.


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