Keep Your Child In Mind With Your Home Office Design

Most of the time when you develop your home office design; you do not have children in mind.

Therefore, it is no surprise why you have children and then start to realize you will have to rethink or alter your home office design in order to keep it child safe and friendly.

Although your home office is your personal space, most likely if you are the only parent, your child will want to be inside it with you.

This is not even mentioning the fact that the most alluring place for a child is often a door they are told not to enter, so you have to make sure they are safe should they sneak in.

Common flaws in design

One of the most common flaws in home office design is that you most likely have numerous drawers that open within a child’s reach, either on your desk or cabinets.

Since these may fall out on top of a child if he or she hangs off of them or pulls hard enough, each of these are potential threats to your child you failed to think of during your home office design.

Therefore, you may want to purchase childproof gadgets that lock your cabinet drawers and desk drawers so that they can only be opened with the dexterity of an adult hand.

Dangerous Weapons

You also want to keep in mind that you probably have many lethal weapons in your home office design, that never would occur to you as safety gadgets but to a young child they may be.  These include scissors, staplers, stapler removers, and even ink since you do not want them chewing and ingesting ink.

Thus, you will want to make sure that you include a home for these objects in your home office design that is either well guarded by safety locks or outside of your child’s reach.

Secure the Wiring

Even your computer can be a flaw in your home office design, since open wires that a child can pull on from the floor can carry the danger of electrical shock.

If you need help with the wiring in your home office design, you can purchase ties that will pull your wires off the floor, or even boxes that you can run your wires through so your child cannot reach the wires to tug with their hands.

Although you may not have had a child in mind when you first started your home office design, there are plenty of easy ways to alter it so that your child stays safe.


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