Make the Most of the Under-Stairs Space

In case you are living in a small flat or house, you surely want more space. If you are not going to rebuild your home, here is one good idea on how to create more storage places in your home. One of the most proper spots to do it is the place under the stairs.

Typically there is nothing and it isn’t quite functional. So, instead of leaving the space empty, create some wonderful storage space under the stairs.

space under stairsThe functionality of the space isn’t good enough to be turned into a mini bedroom, but there are several ideas you will actually love. Measure the size of the space and think about what you really want to create there. The place can be used only for storage as you can change it a bit.

You should insert some shelves and drawers under the stairs.

If there is enough space, install cabinets and use the shelves only for the decorative pieces. You can store the winter clothes in the cabinets, as well as the winter shoes or things you use less often.

Drawers are perfect for storing your kid`s toys or you can simply place some books and magazines in them. Of course the space is proper for lots of creative options. For instance, you can turn the area under the stairs into a study place. Actually in most of the homes, the computer place is exactly there. It saves you some space and looks functional.

You can also paint the space in another color, in order to add some contrast. Your old desk also can find its place there.

In case you don’t need a study area, you surely can turn the place into a mini cabinet. Place some shelving for your documents; add some comfortable table and a chair and you will get a perfect work place.

In case you dream to have another bathroom or toilet, this space can help you to do it. If the area under the stairs is big enough, you can turn it into a bathroom. If it is not so big, you can create another toilet at home. Use the toilet for guests and save some space.

Many families with children use the area under the stairs as a kid’s space. In case you don’t have enough space at home, your children will love to have their own area for games and fun. Paint the space into a bright color or add some animated wall paper.


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