Memorex Iwake Clock Radio Wakes You Up With Your Favorite Songs!

memorex iwake clock radioDo you love morning alarm? Everyone wants to wake up with a beautiful sound that makes the day brighter and better.

Many people who use alarm are tired of the boring sound the alarm makes when waking up.

There are many other options rather than alarms to wake you up. One such option is IWake clock radio, which uses an iPod as an alarm for waking you up.

This product is launched by Memorex, with available colors blue, red metallic, purple, black and bright white.

If you want your favorite song to be your alarm, then this iWake alarm clock is the best option. This alarm has iPod built in it for making your favorite songs play as alarm sounds.

The iPod is featured with AM/Fm radio with 160GB hard drive for storing all your songs.

This alarm clock has the additional features of backlit LCD display, snooze options, wireless remote control and universal dock that is compatible with almost all iPods.

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