Top 10 Mattress Brands in USA

A good mattress is the primary requirement for a comfortable sleep. With so many options available, choosing the one that matches your needs and budget is not that easy. To make choosing the right mattress easier we have a review of top 10 mattress brands available in the USA.

Top 10 Mattress Brands in USA

1. Amerisleep

Made of plant-based memory foam this mattress from Amerisleep uses the patented BioPur material. The technology replaces petroleum derived synthetic foam with an eco-friendly version which uses natural extracts in the manufacturing process of this foam. In addition to this the Amerisleep memory foam mattresses also feature lager pores that keep the mattress cooler and more responsive to the sleeper’s body shape.

2. Sealy

Sealy originally dealt with inner spring mattress but in the recent times has added latex and foam mattresses to its list. Posturpedic is their coir based mattress that is most popular. In the latex models, SpringFree is more sought after. In the foam mattress TrueForm is considered to be best.

3. Select Comfort

The Sleep Number beds are a line that is most popular in the Select Comfort brand of air mattresses. These high tech mattresses come with a remote control that helps you set the pressure and firmness to your liking. Select Comfort is the number one air bed brands with very high ratings. They can be ordered online and their customer service has a high rating.

4. Serta

Serta is an inner spring mattress retailer that has branched out to memory foam line as well. The brand has already made a name for itself in the innerspring category and that has helped in gaining a fair share of the foam mattress market as well.

5. Simmons

A leader in the spring mattress niche, Simmons’ mattresses come with a unique non-motion transference that allows consumers to toss around without disturbing their partners. The most popular line in this range is the BeautyRest collection. The brand has also introduced memory foam and latex mattresses to its collection.

6. TempurPedic

The brand is a pioneer in the memory foam mattress and offers a wide range of products in this category. TempurPedic has recently introduced newer products such as the Breeze and Simplicity which are popular for their cool and low density material. They are highly sought after for their quality and comfort. But these features come at a premium cost putting the TempurPedic brand in the luxury mattress category.

7. Spring Air

Spring Air is the best orthopedic mattress manufacturer and has lines such as Perfect Balance and Sleep sense as part of it huge list of mattresses. They specialize in back supporting mattresses and offer many benefits such as pressure relief and anti-allergic properties. By choosing Spring Air you choose comfort, durability and support.

8. Astrabeds

Manufactured using 100% natural talalay, Astrabeds is a premium brand in the latex mattress market. They are well known for the high quality of products with the premium of environment friendly processes used during their manufacture. They have a high satisfaction rating by consumers.

9. Duxiana

A spring mattress brand, Duxiana comes with a 10 day trial period and limited warranty. The products in the Dux line rank very high on customer satisfaction, quality, comfort and durability. Classified under the luxury category of mattresses, the price may be the only deterrent for this brand.

10. Hastens

With a 25 year warranty, Hastens carries an undisputed reputation in the luxury mattress market. The mattresses are handmade and use natural material for filling. The price tag is what deters buyers from venturing into this brand.


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