Top 10 Bean Bag Brands

Whether it is a lounge or a bedroom, a bean bag makes for great comfort seating options anywhere. From kids to adults, there is probably no one who does not enjoy a relaxing time in the bean bag. Here are the top 10 bean bag brands for you to choose from for a perfect lounge experience.

Top 10 Bean Bag Brands

1. Fatboy

Bean bags by Fatboy are very popular among every type of user. They come out with unique bean bag designs for all sizes and shapes. From juniors to large sized adults, Fatboy caters to every need. It also comes up with innovative material upgrades based on the season. Their latest addition includes the rabbit lounge seat that is oversized and can be used for all types of seating and snoozing. Point is another innovation that can act as a pouf or a mini ottoman.

2. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has elegant large sized bean bags that are available in the choicest material and neutral colors. White, brown, ivory and neutral hues are their trademarks while the external fabric used could be faux fur, cotton or synthetic. They are solid and long lasting. You could order them online with free shipping.

3. Ace

ABC lifestyle is the manufacturer of some of the best bean bags available as Ace bean bags. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes including regular, lounger, cube, video, rocker, recliner, banana and ottomans. They have a wide range of color and design choice from black to pink and sports ball design to video loungers. They are also available in a variety of fabric choice – cotton, chenille, Lycra and leather.

4. PB Teen

PB teen customizes furniture especially of the lounge variety for teenagers. Keeping this in mind their choice of material and design is very contemporary. Fabric exteriors range from cotton to faux fur and denim to twill. Designs range from frilly textures for girls to dip dyed and animal prints for boys. Color combinations are also very contemporary. Their latest addition is the dip dyed bean bag which has a combination of colors making dye patterns on the seat.

5. Relax Sack

Relax sack has been in the business of bean bag making since a long time and hence has its pulse tuned to the market. They have a range of bean bags from the original to the latest 6 and 7 feet loungers. They have introduced new products such as ottomans and pillows. They also have a pillow sack that is great for use in lieu of a mattress. The best thing about buying a Relax Sack is that you can just buy spare covers as and when required.

6. Comfort Research

Comfort Research is a leading brand in the bean bag industry with many variations to its credit. From the classic bean bag in leather and suede fabric, to the big bag variety, they have a complete range of comfort lounge rests. The Big Joe is their latest addition that is a bean bag with the comfort of a chair. The brand has hundreds of designs in each category, giving the consumer a lot to choose from.

7. Lumisource

Lumisource is a brand that sells furniture of all types and in the bean bag style they have the latest mitt chairs for younger consumers. These are for the teenagers and kids and ideal as lounge additions for seating kids of all ages.

8. Sumo Lounge

Sumo Lounge is a bean bag company that manufactures and sells so many varieties of these seats, that customers have a tough time deciding what to take home. The sumo loungers come in regular, gamer, tear drop and couple seater. Gamers and sultans are their fastest sellers. Sultans are the throne type bean bags covered in suede, fur or corduroy. They are elegant and royal and come in rich colors to suit an expensive lounge.

9. American Furniture

From kid to adult sizes, you will find every size of bean bag when you shop for American furniture bean bags. Cube tuffets, foot stools, poufs are some of the variants to the regular bean bags with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. They also have a new addition to their family called the sitstational. It is more for the gamers.

10. Jaxx Jaxx

Another leader in the bean bag industry is Jaxx Jaxx. They have the largest variety of bean bags for all types of loungers. The list includes Ponce, Inman, Cocoon, Dectaur Square, Highland Edgewood, pillows called Saxx and many more. Each of these types has a wide range on color and designs to pick from.


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