Superb Ways to Remove Rust from Patio Furniture

One buys patio furniture with a lot of enthusiasm and interest but seeing it rust away can be heart breaking and disappointing. No matter how much you spend on buying good quality patio furniture, nothing can stop it from rusting over a period of time. Where prevention is not possible, the next best step is to cure. Yes, there are many ways in which you can remove that unwanted rust from your patio tables and chairs. The following are some of the most effective ways:

removing rust with navy jelly

1. Removing Rust with Naval Jelly

This is a great way to remove rust from your patio furniture pieces.  For this, first you will need to remove the rusting using a wire brush and then apply layer of naval jelly on the parts that were affected by rust.  Wait for the naval jelly to dry up and then with the help of sandpaper, smoothen the area.  If you want, you can apply primer which prevents rust from coming back and also apply paint coats.

2. Removing Rust with Waterproof Sealer

For using this method, you will first need to scrape the rust away with a steel pad of wood and then apply a layer of waterproof sealer. This application work must be done only by reading the instructions of the manufacturer very carefully. Before you start applying the coat, make sure that all possible rust particles are cleaned off with a clean cotton cloth.

3. Removing Rust with Coca Cola

It will be hard to believe but even coca cola works really well as far as removing rust from patio furniture is concerned.  For trying out this method, you will first need to pour some quantity of coca cola in a bowl or other utensil.  After this, use a small piece of aluminum foil by dipping it into the bowl of coca cola and then make sure to crumple this foil.

Now using this crumpled foil, scrub off the rust from the patio furniture. Clean off properly until all the rust is gone. If required, you can add some more coca cola to the bowl and use another piece of aluminum foil.  After doing this, clean the surface with a clean cotton cloth and then apply a layer of waterproof sealer on the patio furniture.

Remember that the sealer is applied to prevent the rust from building up again.  Make sure you store the furniture pieces out of the element.

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