Creative Home Theatres

Home theatres are a wonderful way to save money and to relax while spending time with the family. With the price of movie tickets and concessions sky rocketing, a home theatre can save over $100.00 per movie viewing night for a family of 4.

By owning a home theatre, a family can relax, pause the movie when needed for restroom breaks, and enjoy food limited only by imagination, not by what the overpriced concession stand is carrying.

home theater seatingBasic home theatres generally consist of comfortable seating, surround sound, and a large white screen along with a projector. But why limit your home theatre to the basics?

Creative ideas for home theatres

Consider basing your home theatre on a design that appeals to you. This can be done by incorporating a design from a movie or genre that appeals you and your family. Are you and your family “Trekkies?” If so, consider a Star Trek themed home theatre.

Design your home theatre to look like the bridge aboard the USS Enterprise. Chairs can be ordered that are similar in design to those found on the bridge, while the screen can be designed to look like the viewing screen onboard. Perhaps you and your family are Batman fans. Then imagine retiring to your very own Batcave to watch movies. Walls can be stuccoed and painted to give the appearance of a cave and the screen can be protected with a lift screen done in black and grey which displays the Bat-Signal.

Chairs done in black leather complete the Batcave atmosphere. Any type of movie that you and your family prefer can be incorporated. Think of your home theatre as a movie set and the designs and ideas will flow.

Home theatre seating

Home theatre seating should focus on comfort and originality. While many furniture stores now carry home theatre seating, consider using comfortable loveseats and couches that have space for drinks and food.

These can often be less expensive than traditional home theatre seating and provide a family-friendly atmosphere. Snuggling up with the children or the spouse can be a relaxing, fun way to spend a Friday night. Those preferring traditional home theatre seating, keep in mind the stadium seating. Installing sturdy platforms and then covering them in carpet can allow everyone to see, and gives your home theatre the charm of a genuine movie theatre.

Place a few sconces along the wall that can be controlled with a dimmer switch or timer, add an old-fashioned popcorn machine, and you have a movie theatre style home theatre.

Creative lighting for your home theatre

The new LED lighting technology makes the old-fashioned way of lighting your home theatre seem obsolete. Think of lighting that can be synchronized to move in beat with the sound emanating from your home theatre. The color and the effects that are available with LED lighting enhances your movie watching experience.

Bold and dramatic or soft and subtle, your home theatre design should be as creative as your imagination.


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