Back To Basics With HAT-HAT Furniture

Katrin Greiling is one of those designers with an absolute unique point of view, when it comes to furniture and art. The Scandinavian designer is popular for her unusual furniture.

hat-hat 1

Last time she amazed us with her sofa Bedouin, which was totally inspired by the nomadic life style. Now the designer presented her latest furniture “Hat-Hat”. The creation was part of the Wallpaper exhibition “Handmade”, which was placed in Milan.

hat-hat 2

The new furniture can be used for sleeping and sitting, but its key word remains one- simplicity.

hat-hat 3

The “Hat” resembles a rolled carpet or tent, but you can use it very well as a bed or a chair. The unusual design is more than simple and is totally devoted to the nomadic life style.

The designer herself is claiming that the only idea she had, while creating the “Hat-Hat” is going back to basics. The furniture is now praised as a representative of new, simple and modern interior.


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