Summer Décor Battle of Trends – East Coast vs. Beach Inspired Decoration

For sure you know that it’s not the same if you have an East Coast styled home or a beach styled one. Both of them have their beauty, but when the time comes, you just have to make a choice.

Table lamp


The main point of the East Coast style is for the items to have a nautical vibe to them. For this you may want to consider having a table lamp in the shape of a searchlight.


One of the most specific elements of this style is having a lot of stripes. Usually the materials come with a white background and navy blue stripes. Such styles can be used for the tablecloths.

Sports equipment

To have the right style you should display items related to sea sports. For instance you could have a coat rack on display to make your home more fun.

Patterned pillows

On the other hand, the beach style is a bit more different, with more colors added. For instance, to have the perfect vibe, you should have in the entryway some colorful and patterned pillows to add a hint of freshness.



To have the East Coast style it is a must to have a buffet. You can use the upper shelves to display the decorative pieces. In the lower cabinets you can store that items that don’t look nice. The best thing about the buffet is that you can use it to store the wine bottles.

Color splashes

There are some colors that you might want to use, such as aqua, chartreuse and pink. A really good idea is to have some colorful artwork in your living room that fills you with energy every time you enter the room.

Comfortable and casual

If you have an upholstered chair you might want to change the upholstery with a patterned and colorful one. This works especially well if the rest of the items have a neutral color. In order to add more character to the space you could also have some colorful artwork matching the upholstery.

Play with the patterns

For an informal sitting area you could have a Moroccan bench and a yellow rocker. Have a mix of patterned fabrics in vivid colors. This way you can make sure that the neutral colored pieces of furniture won’t blend in with the walls. In this case there is no need for artwork.


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