Futons: Points To Ponder

futonsA futon, generally speaking is the traditional style of Japanese bedding consisting of padded mattresses and quilts pliable enough to be folded and stored away during the day, allowing the room to serve for purposes other than as a bedroom.

However what we commonly understand as being a futon in the modern context is a sort of convertible sofa cum bed frame along with the futon mattress, which will quickly go from a sofa or seating area in the day to a bed for sleeping at night.

Futons are an excellent space saver, and are extremely useful in cramped areas because of their remarkable versatility.

Also futons are no longer just some convenience of a dorm or children’s room; there are stylish, beautiful futons out there that would add charm and grace to the best of living rooms.

Futons are about convenience and economy.  For those people who have relocated to a new place where the accommodation is smaller or have had to move to smaller houses because of reasons of economy a futon is probably something that they considered at some point.

A futon does two jobs for the price of one, so it is a couch or sofa and it also becomes a bed when you want it to be! Instead of two things you are buying just one and using it as required.

A futon can be invaluable when space is limited; consider if you had to have a bed in the living room, and the amount of space it would take up during the day when there was no requirement for a bed.

A futon by contrast can be folded up and doubles as a seating area during the day, thereby clearing a lot more space around.

If you are thinking of buying a futon, you need to consider why you want to buy one: whether you want an extra bed for when a friend or relative is in town; i.e. is it going to be used occasionally or whether you want an extra bed in the house that can be folded away during the night i.e. whether it is going to be used quite a bit.

If you are looking to get a futon that you aim to use on a regular basis, then you need to get a good quality one with a quality mattress that won’t wilt and become misshapen after a short while.


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