Magnetic Cabinet Lock: Child Safe Locks For Your Cabinets!

Cabinet LockWorried about child safe shelves and want to safe guard the shelves from the children? Many children who are in a growing age love to explore the house and the new things in the house.

Even after much care and attention towards the children, you cannot stop them from exploring the new things.

So, do you want a solution from this problem and want safety from children who are always trying to explore your kitchen or bedroom shelves.

Then this article will help you in providing safety for the shelves from the children.

Magnetic cabinet locks:

There are different cabinet locks for shelves which provide safety from children. They provide safety to the shelves as well as add elegance to the exterior of the shelves. These locks do not need much apparatus to setup the lock to the shelves. They are very easily installed and are very much easy to use. These locks can be extremely safe to the kids and does not hurt them while they are trying to open them.

Construction of the cabinet lock: The cabinet comes in 3 parts: lock, holder and pin.

Lock: This is made of magnet and is detachable from the shelf. The lock is very strong magnet and in case if you lose your lock, you can still open the lock with another powerful magnet.

Holder: The holder is attached to the fixed part of the cabinet and it catches the pin. It possesses magnetic power and this magnetic power holds the pin with it.

Pin: The pin is attached to the movable side of the shelf and it is constructed in such a way that it is easily inserted into the holder. The pin is made of magnet and when the door is closed, the pin is inserted into the holder and gets fixed there.

Working of the magnetic cabinet locks:

The working of the magnetic lock is very simple and easy. Maintenance is also very easy. As you came to know about the parts of the magnetic cabinet lock, let’s know about the working style of the lock.

When you close the shelves, the pin gets inserted into the holder and gets fixed there. The pin and holder are made of magnet and the magnetic power holds the pin into the holder tightly. When an external magnet (lock) is applied onto the other side of the pin, it comes out of the holder and the door opens.

The external magnet or the lock is of high magnetic power and the magnet drags the pin from the holder and hence the cabinet door is opened. The lock is not attached to the cabinet shelf and it can be detached form the cabinet shelf.

The positive aspects of installing magnetic cabinet lock:

  • No hardware is seen outside of the cabinet which can spoil the look of the cabinet texture.
  • No tools are required to fix the lock into the cabinet, easy to attach and easy to detach.
  • Dissimilar to the old mundane plastic locks; these locks are very tight to the holder and cannot come out easily without the use of a powerful magnet.


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