Choose A Perfect Light To Customize Your Living Room

In case you want to decorate your living room, you surely have many options. Nowadays the choices are thousands as you can design your dream living room. There is something, which you need to consider as the most important, especially when it comes to living room décor.

This is the light. Even the biggest designers and experts are dependable on light and there are certain sorts of light rules you need to follow, in case you want to make your living room an oasis of perfect detailed decoration.

living room 1

According to the experts, there are three major types of light, which require special decoration. So before starting anything in your living room, make sure you know what this is about.

The first type of light very appropriate for a living room creates a special feeling. This is the so called ambient lighting. It is background lighting and it is very good for living rooms with antique or boutique furniture, but it is only for those living rooms in neutral colors, because ambient lighting would be too low for living room with dark colored furniture.

The right fixtures for ambient lighting are wall lights, down lights, standard lamps and mostly soft up lights.

living room 2Another type of lighting proven as the best for spacious living room is the accent lighting.

It goes perfect with artistic designed rooms or an eccentric interior, for it is adding life to the shape and the textures.

Try to use fixtures like halogen lights, track lighting and table lamps.

The third type of lighting is the so called task lighting. It is very specific and it is good, in case you love to spend your evenings in the living room reading a book or working at the computer. It creates smooth light, which isn’t bright or provocative. Choose a fixture like angled desk lamps or clip-on spotlights.

Living room usually requires more light in the day; therefore try to add more natural light to it. If you don’t have enough light in the day, install one large window. This will open the room and will add more light into it.

Avoid dark palette, in case there is not enough light. Go for neutral colors, for they are adding more light into the room. Another good decision for the living room is to create the so called light contrasts.

This is easy to achieve as you play with the colors from dark and light palette. For instance, you can paint your walls in neutral colors, while the furniture can be little darker than the basic color. Mirrors on the wall are also creating light and space, so you can add a mirror on one of your living room walls.


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