15 Innovative Interior Door Design Ideas

In technical terms, a door is a moveable barrier used to cover an opening (source: Wikipedia). Its functionality might be restricted to having privacy and protecting our house apart from many other uses, but nevertheless it need not be just a mundane part of our house.

These Interior door design ideas will appeal to your aesthetic sense, adding a sense of mystery to an otherwise boring part of any house.

1. Two Way Door

This door is one of the firsts as far as door design ideas are concerned. Designed mainly keeping space constraints in mind these doors are rototranslating doors.

interior door design

The main feature is its spinning around the central axis, helping to avoid the space taken by conventional door systems.

2. The Exclusive Line Doors

Allowing edge to edge flush glass panels, this is a very innovative interior door design idea. The usage of wood and glass panels together allows privacy as well as light inside the room.


3. Sliding Wall & Door System

Futuristic simplicity is the USP behind this particular interior door design idea. Shaped like a ’C’ , the moving wall seamlessly fits around the adjacent wall, hiding everything unnecessary, giving the room a neat and a contemporary look.


4. Ping Pong Door

In love with Ping Pong! If yes, then this is an ideal interior door design idea. In a matter of seconds, this door, which has a cut out in the middle of it, can be made into a ping pong table.


All that you would need is the plastic net and enough space on either side, for the paddle to be swung.

5. Moving Walls Door

This intriguing and lovely this interior door design is a unique concept where the door is seamlessly camouflaged into the wall.


Pushing edges of practicality and functionality, this door design gives a playful air to your house, besides adding a touch of color.

6. Sliding Glass Door

Considered as a good solution where spaces are less and also for large cities, especially for business purposes like shops, hotels, restaurants, this interior door design seems ideal.


7. Hidden Staircase Door

Isn’t it exciting to have a hidden door at home! Well, if this idea of an interior door design excites you, then you can opt for a precision hiding system.


Hidden doors can be created from grandfather clocks, fireplaces, paintings, stairwells, and other household fixtures as well. It will be very hard for a thief to burglarize a room he can’t find!

8. Maxdoor

A simple interface yet a very high-tech concept is the USP behind this interior door design.


Opened with a remote control instead of a key and by automatically touching the doorknob, this door also features a digital door bell, hidden peephole and sound proofing, number lighting, LED lock and a back-up battery.

9. Shattering Door

This interior door design idea comes straight from France! This door gives you the effect of a shattering door and looks so cool.


10. 3 in 1 Door

A door neither too small nor too big, this is probably the world’s first three-in-one door. Perhaps a pet door is the only thing missing here!


11. The Tanaka Auto Door

Straight out of a science fiction movie, this interior door design will give you a out of the world experience.


This auto door has individual sensory slats that open just wide enough to let your body frame pass through. It not only helps lower your heating and cooling costs, but also keeps irritating pollen and such where they belong, out of your lovely home!

12. The Waterfall Door

This is an ideal interior door design idea for someone absolutely in love with water. Of course he should also not mind cleaning up afterwards!

This door is made of constantly falling water instead of glass or wood or any other conventional material.


The whole thing is supported with an actual frame and a catch basin at the bottom. What a door it makes!

13. Chalkboard Door

Less on space! Well, this is how it is in most parts of the world. So here is a unique interior door design which is a magnetic chalk board door.


Stick magnets or write on the board, this is ideal for your kids to have some fun!

14. Light + Air Door

Expanding the space between rooms, adjusting the amount of light, air and sound travelling through and made of a hollow core with an interior panel that slides from left to right, is what that makes this door unique and functional.


It is a simple and understated door yet give a mysterious aura to its existence!

15. The FOCUS Door

Offering a wide panoramic view from a certain point, this interior door design idea is a new concept you will love. Exactly 50cm from the door, the indoor focal point gives you the desired view.


What causes this phenomenon to happen is that there are a number of thin sheets which are grouped like a fan, all of them pointing at the same centre.

When looking at the door in other angles the transparent part is limited to a vertical stripe, a stripe that will follow your moves from side to side.


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