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keep in mind while selecting interior designer

Considerations to Keep in Mind While Selecting Interior Designer

Buying a house is easy; the difficult task is to transform it into a home. This is done by the designing of the interior in the most suitable way that aptly suits the inmates and also speaks of their personality, lifestyle and culture. The task is huge and often it might not be done rightly […]

feng shui tips for living room

Top 5 Feng Shui Tips for Living Room

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese traditional knowledge which is known to circulate positive energy inside your living space. It is said that Feng Shui help maintains the balance and harmony of a person’s life. Following the Feng Shui guidelines, you can create an attractive and peaceful home. And the balance is probably most needed […]

ideas to decorate your wall with pictures

Exclusive Ideas to Decorate your Wall with Pictures

Decorating a house is not an easy task – not only should it give a sense of comfort and warmth, it should also reflect the personality and the taste of the owner. Decorating the walls is a part of this process as walls are the first thing in the room that comes in notice. Therefore, […]

know the best ways to clean pink mold

Know the Best Ways to Clean Pink Mold

There is a kind of bacterial growth found generally in the bathroom and is known as “pink mold” though it is nor pink, neither mold. This is actually an orangish colored bacterial growth found in the bathrooms and its presence in the bathroom gives the place a shabby, unclean look. These are pinkish microorganisms accumulating […]

select the right kind of home safe

How to Select the Right Kind of Home Safe?

Why does one need a home safe when there are safety vaults available in the banks – because, not everything can be kept in a bank locker! There are certain items which have high sentimental value, while some items having practical usage like tax return papers can be kept in the home safe. The question […]