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polka dots kids room decor ideas

6 Smart and Simple Polka Dots Kids Room Decor Ideas

Polka dots have been into fashion since long, be it for garments, home decor, prints for various needs etc. This is a pattern that consists of an array of colourful circles that are filled with single colours. During its initial usage, the dots were seen in equal size and spaced closely at regular intervals to […]

ways you can use burlap for home décor

8 Amazing Ways you can Use Burlap for Home Decor

Burlap is a superb material which can be used not just for arts and crafts but also for home décor! All of us keep looking for new and fresh ways to decorate the house and often reach a road end when it comes to creative ideas. This is where burlap can step in and provide […]

factors to consider when buying bathroom countertops

Top Factors to Consider when Buying Bathroom Countertops

One of the most important parts of a bathroom is the countertops. Bathroom countertops have a huge impact on the overall look and décor of a bathroom and the better the countertops, the richer will your bathroom appear to be. But since there are so many varieties, colors, designs and qualities of countertops, you will […]

must haves for a relaxing and inviting guest room

10 Must haves for a Relaxing and Inviting Guest Room

The guest room is either one of the most carefully designed and decorated room of the house or is the most ignored room where only rejected stuff goes. But to create a good impression on your guests and to make them feel welcomed in your abode, you must do all that you can to make […]

top and most effective tips to choose a dressing table

Top and Most Effective Tips to Choose a Dressing Table

Any room, especially that of a girl is incomplete without a dressing area and a dressing table.  A lot of people do not even consider having one in their rooms or houses as they are used to getting ready at the bathroom’s mirror but a dressing table with an attached mirror is very essential and […]