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designing your home to bring the summer indoors

Designing your Home to Bring the Summer Indoors

Ahhh, summer – the sun is splitting the pavements, the breeze is lilting, and the scent of fresh plants tinge the air in a haze of rays. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Well, no, not exactly. As anyone who lives in Britain knows, just because it’s summertime, doesn’t mean the weather will be good. In fact, you’re […]

peaceful garden hideaway

How to Create a Peaceful Garden Hideaway

How often do you wish you could just get out of the house and away from the family just for a little time that is all your own; just you in a place where you can think your own thoughts and have some peace and quiet, lost in your private world? If you could create […]

games room

How to Design a Games Room

The first thing that you need to decide is the space that you will devote to your games room. Most games rooms are designed by males for males, but if you are sharing your space with a wife or a girl friend then it will almost certainly be necessary to get her onside, so include […]


Know your Boundaries – Limits of a House

Boundary disputes can be extremely costly and the source of much antagonism between otherwise peaceful neighbours. When moving into a new home you will often take on a Conveyancer who’ll do all sorts of searches on your behalf, one of these being a Land Registry Search.They’ll do this by checking out a document called the […]

Bed Room Furniture

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom

They say that our homes are also our sanctuaries, right? Well if that’s true, what room would be considered the innermost part of that sanctuary? For many it’s the bedroom. That stands to reason when you consider the average adult sleeps 7 to 8 hours per night. At that rate we spend nearly 1/3 of […]

design ideas for Multipurpose Dining Rooms

5 Most Effective Designing Ideas and Tips for Multipurpose Dining Rooms

Whenever we think of a dining room, a formal, well laid down picture comes to mind. But contrary to popular belief, a dining room doesn’t really have to be formal and it is not even important to use it sparingly only for guests. A dining room can be used for multiple purposes and can be […]

Eco-Friendly Wallpapers1

Give a New Look to Your Home With Eco -Friendly Wallpapers

Going green is the latest fashion statement and everybody seems to be in trend.  People these days are doing their best to conserve the environment in multiple ways-while some observe the earth hour; others are buying hybrid cars and so on. In this scenario of saving the environment from depletion, one way to keep yourself […]