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septic repair

Septic Repair 101 – Preventing A Major Septic System Malfunction

Your septic system problems can save you thousands of dollars on septic repair if you only knew what causes the problems and what are the maintenance procedures you must follow to prevent backups and leaks. It will also be good for you to know that there are new septic repair technologies developed that require no […]

bedroom decoration

Home Decoration Trends for Spring 2011

The world may still be fighting the cold winter but it is now time to start looking forward to the new spring trends in home décor. One need not go too far for inspiration as the just concluded New York Fashion Week gives one plenty of ideas that can be easily translated into home décor. […]

bedroom decor - rose pattern

Add a Drop of Romance to Your Room

With February and Valentine day coming closer, you should really consider adding a touch of spring to your bedroom. It is common knowledge that all of us have a romantic bone in our body. So adding a few romantic notes will bring in a positive feeling and the optimism we need. If you like roses, […]

green living room

Vacation Homes – How to Make Them Look Outstanding

In case you are having vacation home and you are wondering about its decoration, here are few tips on how to do it following the recent design trends. The vacation home style usually differs from the style of your home. Therefore, use your imagination and creativity, in order to make a beautiful retreat out of […]

design your own house

Design Your Own House – Without Being An Architect

It may sound like a really daunting idea and one may think that to design your own house is an impossible task. One may think that years of training and experience may be needed before you can design any kind of house. However with modern software and the internet, it could be easier than you think to design your own house. Websites such […]

bathroom cupboard

The Bonus Storage Space in Your Bathroom

In case you haven’t decorated your bathroom, here are few smart ideas how to decorate it and save some extra space for your bonus storage. The bathroom, just as any other room requires additional space for storage. In case your bathroom is too small, you can’t place some built-in lockers for each family member. The […]

dorm room organization

Dorm Room Organizing Tips

The dorm room is home away from home for most college students who decide to study away from their homes. It is thus essential to make them their haven where they can study and unwind. The room needs to meet all their practical needs and at the same time be nice and inviting. Most students […]

bathroom trends

Bathroom Vanity Trends 2011

In case you haven’t decorated your bathroom, this is the right moment to do it. The trends for the bathrooms are very daring, lavish and stylish. In case you are going to change the décor in your bathroom, here are the most modern bathroom decors of the year. If you are a green lover, the […]

floor lamps

Floor Lamps – A Design Element To Wow Visitors

No matter how beautifully a room is decorated, if there isn’t enough or proper lighting for it – it will fall flat. This is where floor lamps can be of great assistance. Not only do they provide illumination, they are a décor element all by themselves. Unlike lighting that is suspended from the ceiling or […]

wood flooring

How To Install A Floating Wood Floor?

Why you would want a floating wood floor? Because it is warm, nice to feel under you, fit, elegant, cheaper than hardwood and easy to install. The first step is to measure exactly the surface you will cover with the floating floor. If you have a house drawing you use for taxes you can use […]